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We get a lot of queries about the tools available to webmasters who need to promote their website, build an online campaign, develop a product or service with or without a site, or lastly automate things they repeatedly do, and they are time-consuming.

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To those queries, I always respond that of course, you can automate things and maybe save some extra cash from hiring people, but the ultimate and most fundamental tool out there is your mind or strategy.

When building a new website or targeting a new niche, you need first to understand the needs of your audience(s) and apply the marketing methods to make them interested in your service/product.

Let’s see how to materialize this fundamental element of capturing your audience into a marketing strategy:

1. Research
It involves a lot of research to define and understand your audience. The way they think, what they need, react to products they are familiar with and to new products, how your service/product meet the needs of your audience.

2. Making the audience easier to handle
No audience is homogeneous; it usually breaks into sub-groups based on interests and demographics. For example, if you have a product that targets at least two age-groups, it makes sense building your strategy differently to address each group. You can’t talk the same way or through the same channels to the elderly and young people.

Breaking the audience in chunks, benefits your marketing campaign also, as it helps funneling the promotion into clear paths for all in-house individuals involved in the marketing process from the copywriters to the PR dept, etc.

3. Define channels
Since you now know your target groups, it’s time to set the way (marketing channels) through which you will address your audiences. For example, you might want to do some Facebook promotion, build organic traffic to your website via SEO, run an infographic campaign, etc.

4. Create the right content
Content is imperative to determine the conversions. It makes sense to create content that suits the right target group. If your content is not suitable for young people, you have lost this demographic group and vice-versa.

The content should be fresh, appealing, media-rich and provide some value to the audience. If you have outdated information, nobody will read it. If the title and the description appearing below (snippet) are not catchy within the first seconds, the eyes will move further to other proprietary content. It all works like these. In the next posts, I will extend this discussion with more examples, as I find the content topic paramount.

5. Promoting the content
Sharing the content is also important. It’s good to have targeted content for different audiences; now we need to figure out the most profitable time and channel to spread the word to each audience group. Youngsters, for example, login different times than other age groups and use various media, e.g., Instagram than seniors. So, you’ll want to target those groups at times that are more relaxed and susceptible to messages.
6. Measure the impact, adjust where needed and repeat the process
The impact involves measuring how much impact your online efforts had regarding conversions, traffic, leads or sales. If you did well, you could think about how you can maximize it. If not, you should adjust, tilt or fix the deficiencies and try with more resources, change the channels or tactics.

When you have accomplished the above steps, you can look at and test the marketing tools that will make your efforts more or wholly automated.


The tools are just the hand; the mind is the strategy, the six steps I’ve described above.


I will give here just one or two tools per category to save some space. You can check the big list we have built with Free and Paid Internet Marketing (SEO) Tools

Research on Paid Advertising

Analytics Google Analytics
Analytics Clicky Web Analytics
Rankings monitoring Semalt: position tracking, monitoring competition
Domain Registration Namecheap: Excellent support and cheap domain registration
Traffic Generation Visitor boost

Take a look at the full list here: Full list of marketing tools

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