7 tools to research your competition

seo competition tools

Reverse-engineering the competitors’ link profiles is a tactic that has many benefits including new sources for high-quality link placements, uncovering why the competitor is ranking for given searches, and what tactics they currently employ.

Between the tools that can help reveal what the competitors are doing in random order:

1. offers competition research, Google Ads competition, backlinks monitoring and other helpful insights.

2. SEO Spyglass provides comprehensive competition research with many insights combining desktop with online tools.

3. SEMrush.com: offers competition analysis for organic and paid traffic plus backlinks insights.

4. Monitorbacklinks.com: is a tool primarily to research competition with automated alerts when discovering new backlink sources and tips for cleaning up spammy link profiles with individual link assessment.

5. MajesticSEO: the standard for anyone want to do a link profile research.

6. Ahrefs.com: another standard in the SEO industry. Users usually opt for this one or MajesticSEO.

7. Opensiteexplorer (MOZ tool): offers a comprehensive view of link profile with individual link assessment.

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