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Let me fix your website ranking issues and protect you from Google penalties

An SEO Consultant will solve your website issues and enrich your SEO knowledge. Also audits your web site and shares optimization tips.

SEO Expert - Consultant

Schedule an 1 hour online SEO session with Ted Politidis (via phone or Skype). and get the maximum results for your marketing efforts.

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What is included in the One-on-One SEO Consulting Session?

  • A professional audit of your live web site or its blueprint if under construction, your social media strategy, the overall online presence of your brand, and a SWOT Analysis of your strengths and weaknesses followed by suggestions.
  • The most effective SEO techniques customized to meeting your business needs.
  • Swift and easy to apply solutions to fight your competition.
  • Custom suggestions to improve your rankings in the search engines, increase your incoming traffic and conversion rate.
  • Pretty much, answers to all your SEO questions and solutions to technical issues that affect SEO performance.

Who can join the One-on-One SEO Consulting session?

seo consulting services

Webmasters who wish to max out their incoming traffic in the shortest time-span, with a low cost and endurance in time. Namely, my session is fit for professionals, technicians, experts, publishers, advertisers, journalists, writers, instructors, consultants, online entrepreneurs etc who own or plan to branding their name.

It does not really matter how much you know about Search Engine Optimization as long as you are eager for fresh knowledge. I will also have the chance to fix any bad info that holds back your SEO efforts.

Keep on reading if you belong to any of the following audiences:

  • I am an expert in my field but I do not have an online presence. I have long experience, useful knowledge and important info to share with my audience and I am eager to start.
  • I market online but I have few or no traffic at all. This fact does not allow space for sharing my knowledge or market my services/products to wider audiences.
  • I have made a step into online branding but I make a few sales. I need to increase my market share and hopefully, become a key-player in the near future.

You should NOT join if you find yourself:

  • Having no reservations to doing anything that will get you to Google top spot, breaking every guideline and rule. SEO is not a bag of tricks to fool the search engines, but a precious tool to make your business grow and get added value from it. If you can rank your web site doing white hat stuff why taking the wrong and risky path?
  • Expecting from the SEO consultant to do everything without you touching a bit on your web site. If you do not want to know anything about Search Engine Optimization nor getting involved in the process. When you have answers on questions like WHY, WHEN and HOW, you gets power from the knowledge of knowing exactly what to do, how much this is worth and what to expect from the SEO campaign.
  • If you find yourself among the above groups of people, you should hire me do the SEO for you.

Important details regarding the session:

  • When you schedule a session (by clicking on the button below), you will receive a detailed questionnaire regarding your online presence, your current SEO efforts and your overall goals. You should return it to me so I will be prepared on issues that may occur during the session.
  • In case you do have a web site, blog, e-shop etc, I will do a SEO audit and suggest some ideas towards increasing its value and relevancy regarding its topic or target audience.
  • Due to my limited availability and the first come first served basis on appointments, I would suggest booking a session early enough so that you do not experience a long waiting.

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What are the goals of the session?

  • Knowledge is power and each person is an expert in his field. Working with me you will get all the necessary info to achieve your goals as fast and easy is possible, without spending useless time and money, starting from scratch.
  • My goal is to make you wiser in taking the right actions for your web site. If you need more consulting, I have more in-depth programs to help you, the one hour of One-on-One SEO Consulting will make you decide if the provided knowledge meets your needs and if we could extend the cooperation into the off-site level (hiring me for running a SEO campaign).
  • There are webmasters out there that currently cannot afford a longer educational program. Thus, they go for this small investment so they could use the provided knowledge on their web sites and afterwards, having a positive experience from the session, they decide to hire me to manage their SEO or continue the education.
  • Many online entrepreneurs start with the wrong foot and end up making lame rankings or profits. We all wish for success and making money. A business is not a business if it has no customers. I could help you manage all the SEO risks and succeed into transforming your business to a key-player.

I want to join the One-on-One SEO Consulting session:

By joining the One-on-One SEO Consulting session, I have fully understood the following points:

  • I will receive a detailed questionnaire that I need to return within a week before the session to Ted Politidis so that he audits my online strategy. Following my feedback I will receive instructions regarding the scheduling and preparation of the SEO consulting session.
  • During the session it will be presented and explained the audit report of my web site, blog, social media actions and I will receive suggestions to improving my SEO strategy. I understand that I need to take notes of the presentation and consulting key-points as they will not be reproduced in any medium live, phone or electronic.
  • The fee for the online session is not refundable in the following cases: a) the session takes place as scheduled, b) the preparation for the session is completed but the trainee wants to cancel the session, c) the fee is refundable ONLY when the session is canceled due to the consultant's unavailability.
  • When I send the fee I will be asked for my tax information to issue the invoice.

Last Updated: January 23, 2016