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Author: Ted Politidis.
Published: July 17, 2013
Last Updated: August 25, 2014

Intro to SEO for Hotels, Rooms to Let and Apartments in Samos
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You are the owner of Hotel website in Samos or Ikaria. The location is great. Samos is a beautiful island, close proximity to the sea, great sunsets, mediterranean cuisine etc. I mean the environment is at your side, you could not get wrong there.

The website was built a couple of years ago and you may have tried to bring in some visitors either by placing an ad (Google Adwords) about Samos Hotels or you have already hired a Greek SEO agency to get you first page rankings for Samos Rooms to Let, Samos Studios, Apartments in Samos or Hotels in Samos without success. Undoubtedly, all of these actions cost money.

Namely, the website construction has cost you a lot of money but it did not bring in the customers you needed, the yearly website hosting and maintenance cost money too. I should also mention the ad you have placed was under a monthly expenditure along with the SEO you did, probably was useless. You have lost a considerable amount of money from all these actions without them fulfilling their goals.

Websites with no visitors are a total waste of precious money and time.

Now, just answer the following simple question:

Would you hire for the SEO project the X who claims he can do it, or the Y who delivers again and again awesome first page rankings in the hotel niche and he can give you proof for that? When you see the results which person would you hire for the SEO?
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Moving forward: The aim of writing this page is to educate the website owners to the right mentality that would make him a key-player in the local Hotels in Samos niche (top rankings in Google with competitive keywords). What we mean by that?

Building a stronger web site with a steady flow of visitors interested in booking a hotel in Samos, thus facilitating their accomodation decisions whilst promoting his hotels' services. Which hotel owner would not want something like this?

How do I make my shadow website a star in the local Samos hotel niche?

Here are the exact steps to follow:

  • Selecting the right keywords for the Samos hotel niche
  • Optimize the website to make it compatible to SEO standards (on-site optimization)
  • Create a steady flow of visitors via first page rankings for keywords in the Samos hotel niche
Picking the right keywords:
  • You may start with broad keywords like Hotels in Samos, Book a Hotel in Samos, Samos Hotels, Samos Rooms to Let etc.
  • Or go for more specific keywords that are less competitive like Cheap Hotels in Samos, Best Hotels in Samos, 4 Star Hotels in Samos, Boutique Hotels in Samos, Luxury Samos Hotels etc. Due to the competition we will not disclose more keywords.
Please pay attention to the following points:
  • We should not target broad keywords with a relatively new web site, it would be hard to beat the existing competition. We should opt for less competitive keywords (specific) until we have a stronger web site.
  • Some long-tail keywords may be better than broader ones that everybody targets. So, we need first to do our research.
  • We never start the off-site SEO (link building) unless we have the right budget. The process to make it to the first page might take months and we should not stop once commencing.
  • We never start building links with a web site that is unprepared (on-site optimization) for first page rankings.
First page rankings always count when you sell SEO!
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We know very well the Hotel Niche in Samos. We have worked with hotels and studios in Samos and have delivered first page rankings with high or medium competition keywords in local Google engines e.g.

Those web sites were built in custom scripts, Joomla, Wordpress, Drupal etc, featuring more than two languages. We worked on-site towards optimizing the web site code according to SEO standards, in every language featured. We also undergone a series of off-site efforts that brought them to the first page.

In the portfolio page you may check some of our clients from various niches, and you may identify your colleagues from the Hotel niche. We would be happy to give you more info.

Having an extended experience in the Hotels niche there is literally no keyword or website that cannot be transformed into a key-player! We own our deepest appreciation to all our clients that have worked closely and had the patience to wait for their awesome first page rankings.

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