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We focus our approach at securing the greatest visibility in organic results. We don't have a 'secret' sauce for ranking websites, but we do have our way of doing things, which differs from the methods most agencies use on quality and intensity rate. The outcome has proven positive considering traffic, quantity and safety with no 'toxic' backlink profiles or penalties. Because, not all web sites are qualified to rank, be prepared to adopt a more evergreen traffic approach and produce quality content.

Current on each algorithm update

We understand that the search engine industry is demanding in resources and knowledge. Reading, research, testing, competitor monitoring, new skills, all these never stop. We also know that a large number of web pages do not abide to many search engine guidelines. The recognition of this fact, is the first step towards success. On-page content optimization, user engagement and quality content is the way to securing solid rankings.


We have worked for websites targeting the USA, West and Southern Europe. Niches: just about anything you can think of, from Education to Gaming. Technology: we have worked with HTML, Drupal, Joomla, WordPress, Magento, OsCommerce, ZenCart, PrestaShop sites.


SEO from $400 per month per domain
Penalty Removal (Penguin - Panda) from $1,000 per domain
SEO Audit from $1,500 per domain
Social Media and Content Marketing from $600 per month per domain
Consulting from $1,000 per month
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Least time-engagement

The least project time is 6 months for low competition. For competitive rankings the length of the project may go beyond the 12 months. The time-span is required for a professional who is committed to securing great rankings. Nobody can just blast a website and expect good things to happen.

Case Studies

For sites that never stop optimizing, we have seen a traffic increase of 40-60% just from the second month of the campaign. These websites are now considered strong or key-players, compared to their competitors. The maturity time-span for getting such results depends on the budget and the optimization life cycle. It is a never ending process.

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Cheap SEO is like selling air in a tin

You understand that SEO is not about using automated tools, which do all the hard work. The first step is doing a well-documented web site audit, then follows a tedious market research, realistic targeting and careful implementation for getting the most for the site in question and the given budget. In the real world, efficiency, safety and growth cannot grow out of 'cheap' services. Many have tested those cheap services and now forced to abandon their websites or spend more money fixing stuff.

Constant effort

Never stop promoting your website because you risk serious traffic loss. Notice how this screenshot shows a 60% traffic drop from organic sources in just 2 months after stopping the optimization campaign. It is hard watching a page going from 12K+ visitors to 5K in just 2 months. It is a huge drop, a loss of traffic that could be avoided if this client would continue the optimization and might never get back to this site.


Each year Google makes thousands of changes and a handful of huge, dramatic algorithm tweaks that affect millions of web sites. We take our extensive experience from hundreds of web sites, to twist and create methods that work today, staying away from risky stuff. We will audit your site and give you an estimate of how much time is needed to fight your competition, when to wait for the first results and what to do to maintaining the rankings with a monthly retainer.

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Last updated: June 30, 2015

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SEO Industry News
  • Mobilegeddon (Google update on April 21, 2015) - up to 40% of top US websites non mobile-friendly.
  • In the next week, Yandex will roll an update penalizing sites with excessive paid links
  • Do you think you can rank your webpage without using any quality content on and off page?
  • Google may rank users in 'activity streams' and give each a 'ranking-score'.
  • Having a slow or fast mobile site should not impact your mobile-rankings, assuming your desktop site is fast. Google still uses many desktop signals for mobile ranking, even after April 21st
  • Beware of malware/black hat seo tactics hiding within legitimate code in widgets you embed on your blog
  • Local citations are important if you want your business to rank in Geo-targetted or local search results.
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