• First Page: 7-44 Days

    Clients made it to the first page within the first month average. The last 10 websites took 7 to 44 days for a first page ranking. Less time was needed for the older websites, more for the younger.

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  • Let your website grow safely high rankings

    SEO has become more competitive and very risky if you do not know what you are doing. You need to hire a company that promotes safely your web site, without risking loss in rankings or Google penalties. Protect your investment by hiring a skilled SEO consultant!

    seo seo greece
  • Strong and Reliable SEO

    If you need high rankings better hire a reliable SEO agency that builds authority and trust to your web site on a daily basis. Stop hiring cheap seo services that show you poor or no results and might even risk bringing a penalty to your website. Compete with safety, enjoy your high rankings and stay with the winner team!

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A brief introduction to SEO

Search Engine Optimization, aka SEO, simply promotes web sites in the search engine organic results. Here at Projectweb, we implement solely white hat tactics (abiding to the search engine guidelines). We do not bring penalties to web sites as we keep away from using obscure tactics that may bring fast growth for a short time span, and then make your rankings drop or even bring you a penalty. Note that this 'accidents' from SEO providers is the rule nowadays in the SEO industry.


Usually, a web site ranks higher when search engines find it relevant and worthy of ranking in the chosen topic (the element of Trust). Trust is gained through spending time and resources, thus time is crucial to showing the required growth. Many factors play a role in ranking a web site, i.e. niche competition, web site age, the rate and method of working on it and a lot of other qualitative and quantitative elements. In general, you need to have patience, the right budget, a schedule and be extra careful, overall you need the right SEO expert.

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SEO Features
  • Higher rankings in organic search results within a reasonable time-span (budget driven)
  • Multiple sources of Authority and Trust with the aim to providing safe and great rankings
  • Non-paid backlinks that do not have negative effects on your backlink profile
  • First page rankings for competitive keywords providing enough traffic
  • On-site optimization (optional feature) to building a stronger web site
  • More traffic followed by increase in sales or memberships
  • Steady flow of traffic from the search engines getting augmented over time
  • Promotion of specific products or services (optional feature)
  • National, regional or local niche marketing. Get global or target a local niche
  • Quality content creation and marketing
  • Flexible plans to matching every online need, be it fast rankings, strong competition or low budget
  • Bigger investment = faster ranking

We have a strong SEO portfolio with clients from USA, France, Germany, Italy, Great Britain, Portugal, Israel and Greece. We have worked for web sites in topics as in Travel, Real Estate, E-shops, Cars, Health and Beauty, Home Decor, Boating, Recreation etc. We support web sites built in Plain HTML, Drupal, Joomla, WordPress, other CMSs, Magento, OsCommerce, ZenCart, PrestaShop etc.

Staying current on updates

We keep track of every past and future update, regardless of its size and impact. We have a network of +200 web sites where we test new things so we can always respond to the updates and deliver high rankings. Judging from our experience, the majority of current web sites are not compatible with modern SEO, but we can always optimize the web site code thus resolving any SEO issues.

Low Competition = Cheaper SEO

Quality SEO does not equal expensive services. We have out-of-the-box solutions (SEO packages) and we can always build a custom plan, that deliver considerable results even with low budgets. You may always go for lower competition or work with fewer keywords until you see the first earnings. Contact us and describe your goals.

Big Competition = Higher SEO costs

Big competition does not allow drawbacks. The client should be ready to spend money to outrank competitors fast and easy, thus gaining huge traffic (thousands of visitors). When you have the right money to throw in, all your goals seem feasible. Still, competitive SEO will probably costs less than a traditional campaign in radio, tv, printed or electronic material, local directories etc and it does not expire or get destroyed, your web site will stay posted for months and months.

Ranking are not everything you can do

Rankings should be followed by conversions to determine the success of a given SEO campaign. Now, Google makes 500 small changes each year and 2-3 big ones affecting millions of web sites. We use our extensive experience from hundreds of web sites, to test and shift into things that work today, thus avoiding any risks or time gaps. We know how much we need to work on each web site, when to wait for the first results and what to do to maintaining the rankings with a monthly retainer.

Monthly Retainer

We work with a steady pace, following a carefully woven plan to growing and maintaining your rankings. You pay up-front for the current month and we keep you posted with your monthly rankings. Often, the continuous work on your web site will bring you higher rankings in keywords that you have never requested and much more traffic, that is included in the monthly price!

Traffic increase
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We have seen cases with a traffic increase up to 60% from the first month of the SEO campaign.

Choose your favorite plan
Basic Plan

Low Competition

  • Flexible Budget
  • Monthly Reports
  • Safe Results
  • Traffic Increase
3 mnth
minimum contract
Biz Plan

Medium Competition

  • Powerful Features
  • Monthly Reports
  • Safe Results
  • Traffic Increase
6 mnth
minimum contract
Pro Plan

Big competition

  • Competition Research
  • Monthly Reports
  • Safe Results
  • Traffic Increase
12 mnth
minimum contract

Note: The above packages do NOT include consultation hrs, phone or technical support on client's website.

Latest Rankings
  • May 2014: 40+ keywords in the first two pages of Google Italy for a brand-new Car Rental website. Total keywords 280+ in the top 100 with a 3-month SEO plan.

  • April 2014: 130+ keywords in the first two pages of Google Finland for a brand-new Car Rental website, with almost 400 rankings in the first 10 pages. All this was achieved with a 3-month SEO plan.

  • March 2014: 90+ keywords in the first two pages of Google Greece for a brand-new Dating website. Total keywords 150+ keywords in the top 100 with a 3-month SEO plan.

search engine optimization

competitive seo = high rankings!

  • Custom approach for each web site.
  • Monthly retainers apply and 3 months minimum contract for low competition niches.
  • We don't take everybody as a client. Make sure you have enough budget for 3+ months before contacting us.
  • Please send us the details of your project i.e. website, keywords, positions, time-engagement, and monthly budget.
building authority and trust

leave behind all trouble from each update!

  • Getting Authority and Trust is a fundamental ranking factor in the current Google algorithm.
  • It takes time to build Authority and Trust, so you need to be patient. The good news is, if you hire the right SEO expert you may accomplish that relatively soon.
  • If you need solid results and a steady growth in rankings you need to have a monthly SEO budget!
  • Note that no cheap seo service will ever bring you high quality results and will probably ruin your web site.
high rankings

verifiable high rankings

  • We are talking here solely about First Page Rankings.
  • Our rankings are verifiable and higher each week :))
  • We keep you posted on your rankings each week.
  • You may use any reliable third-party service to verify your rankings.
  • Note that rankings in Google often fluctuate, so keep in mind that only average rankings matter.
  • To keep solid rankings you need to do maintenance works.
  • Projectweb have been a breath of fresh air for me! They have taken the hassle out of seo for my multi lingual sites, managing campaigns for several of my european sites. They have not failed to improve my rankings as yet, which makes me and my boss very happy! Communication is awesome as well, responses via email come almost immediately with answers to any questions I might have.

    Jacob G. (UK)

  • Very good and swift services.

    Akritas S. (Greece)

  • Great support ,real results and very professional work !!!!!!! Highly reccomended!

    George Κ. (Greece)

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