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Search Engine Optimization by Projectweb

the unbeatable solution to rank in European or Greek niches

The video playlist on the right shows a small portion of the rankings for English keywords we have delivered in Greece, Europe and the States.

There are more rankings available for Greece on this Greek page.

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We offer the following packages

Start promoting your site in minutes. Choose a package and submit your data!

3 mo Retainer

Results you can verify within 3 months for low competition

  • Low competition
  • Basic optimization
  • On-site optimization
  • Secure links
200 €
/ mo
Full SEO Project

Maximum ROI in the shortest possible time, secure link campaigns

  • Up-front payment 50%
  • Pay the rest on delivery
  • Frequent reporting
  • Secure links
- €
6 mo Retainer

Strong rankings after six months works

  • Any country, any niche
  • Powerful SEO
  • On-site optimization
  • Secure links
- €
12 mo Retainer

Unbeatable results within the first 12 months

  • Any country, any niche
  • Powerful SEO
  • On-site optimization
  • Secure links
- €

Europe SEO Services providing awesome rankings with the highest safety.

Requirements for success: marketing mindset, modern website coding and the right SEO budget.

Pricing options: a. Monthly Retainer (the starter package costs 200 Euros/mo), and b. Project-base Contract

We are very experienced in ranking websites in European local niches. Not all web sites are qualified to rank so you need to change things on your website and have your editors ready to produce quality content.

Minimum engagement for simple projects: 3 months. Click on the button below and provide Webpage, Keywords, Time-engagement, and Goals so we can assess your success potential.

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How we optimize your website

The way we do SEO in Projectweb will secure the maximum visibility for your website in organic results. We don't have a 'secret' recipe for ranking websites. We do have our way of doing things which slightly differ from other agencies and has proven extremely successful in delivering awesome rankings for many keywords without bringing penalties, demotions or 'toxicity' in backlink profiles.

Page One Visibility

In certain cases we have recorded an increase in visitor traffic up to 60% already from the second month. These stats have been awarded to web sites deemed now strong or very strong compared to their competitors. The maturity time span for getting such results depends on how you work on optimizing the website and other factors.

Minimum time-engagement

We only start projects that will last at least 3 months when working for simple projects with little competition. For competitive rankings in Europe, the United States or Greece, the length of the works may reach the 12 months. This is because we need to secure great rankings combined with the highest safety.

Latest News from the Blog
Current on each algorithm update

We understand that the search engine industry is highly demanding in resources and knowledge. Reading, research, testing, competitor monitoring, new skills, all these never stop. We also understand that a large number of web pages in Greece do not meet many or none search engine criteria. This is where we start optimizing, website coding. Efficient on-site and off-site optimization is the only secure way to delivering solid rankings.

Why those cheap SEO services are a fool's fortune

You understand that doing SEO is not about inserting a coin in a automated machine who does all the work. The right way to doing S.E.O. starts from getting your hands dirty. Meaning, conducting a documented web site audit, a proper market research, realistic planning and implementation for getting the maximum with the current web site, within the given time-frame and for your budget in hand. Being efficient and delivering sustainable growth is never associated with 'cheap' services in the REAL world.

No compromises - No prisoners

If you are ready for the big step that will boost your web page into cruising speed, you are welcome to let us know how we can help you. It's time you build a website that can hit hard the competition and watch traffic and sales go sky-high. Just remember, the most important thing that s.e.optimization can offer you is building your online brand.

Who we work for

We have a strong SEO portfolio with clients from USA, France, Germany, Italy, Great Britain, Portugal, Israel and Greece. We have worked for web sites in topics as in Travel, Real Estate, E-shops, Cars, Health and Beauty, Home Decor, Boating, Recreation etc. We support web sites built in Plain HTML, Drupal, Joomla, WordPress, other CMSs, Magento, OsCommerce, ZenCart, PrestaShop etc.

Features benefiting your site
  • Higher rankings in organic search results within a reasonable time-span (budget driven)
  • Multiple sources of Authority and Trust with the aim to providing safe and great rankings
  • Non-paid backlinks that do not have negative effects on your backlink profile
  • First page rankings for competitive keywords providing enough traffic
  • On-site optimization (optional feature) to building a stronger web site
  • More traffic followed by increase in sales or memberships
  • Steady flow of traffic from the search engines getting augmented over time
  • Promotion of specific products or services (optional feature)
  • National, regional or local niche marketing. Get global or target a local niche
  • Quality content creation and marketing
  • Flexible plans to matching every online need, be it fast rankings, strong competition or low budget
  • Bigger investment = faster ranking
We get many questions as to what will happen if someone stops doing SEO

The question is really simple. You should NOT stop promoting your site. Want to watch your competitors
getting higher rankings while you don't? Want your website being affected from all those new Google updates while you do nothing about it?

Want to notice this 60% drop in your rankings like the client who stopped the campaign? Really?

Constant effort

Never stop promoting your website because you risk serious traffic loss. Notice how the above screenshot illustrated a 60% traffic demise from organic sources just 2 months after stopping the optimization campaign. It is hard watching a page having in April 12,000+ visitors with SEO to dropping to just a little over 5,000 visitors in July. A dramatic drop, a huge loss of traffic that could be avoided if this client would continue the optimization.


Each year Google does 600+ changes and some big, dramatic ones almost every month affecting millions of web sites. We take our extensive experience from hundreds of web sites, to test and twist it into things that work today, thus avoiding any risks or time gaps. We know how much we need to work on each web site, when to wait for the first results and what to do to maintaining the rankings with a monthly retainer.

Monthly Retainers

People tend to adopt and spread false notions. A web page that will maintain its rankings with a lower budget is just not possible, except if one places paid links a very risky thing to do. You have to consider that a web page that you work on, month after month, gets stronger and tends to aim at higher spots. Thus, getting a page on the first page and maintain it, takes just about the same monthly work to accomplish. You need to work constantly to getting traffic. When you start a project, only to interrupt it after 3 or 6 months for saving money you don't get any medium or long-term benefit. It's only a meteorite that will burn into the atmosphere.

Design and Marketing

  • Web Design

    quality standards

    Web design features: high quality, top performance, efficiency, modern coding, maximum compatibility with modern browsers, visitor engagement and conversions. All modern SEO data included.

  • Google adwords

    increased performance-cost efficiency

    Audit and debugging of existing Google Adwords campaigns. Keyword efficiency, top performance, top spots, appealing texts, demographic, scheduling for better audience targeting.

  • Domains sale / buy

    ready seo domains

    Domain selling ads. Ready SEO domains bearing top ten spots. SEO domains are identical for investing. Domain audit for SEO performance, professional rankings monitoring, full SEO potential evaluation and cost assessment. We can also raise the value of the domain you own by switching it into a SEO domain to be sold at a higher price.

SEO Services

  • SEO Consulting

    technican and non-technical approach

    Fully professional SEO consultation, featuring safe and efficient methods of promoting your website. The ever-changing SEO industry demands high expertise and advanced knowledge. The SEO consultant will audit your website structure and content, current marketing actions and social media strategy. Will provide marketing suggestions, technical solutions to issues, best practices to follow and standards harmonization.

  • SEO Audit

    discovering what's wrong

    Discover server issues that affect your marketing. Website structure and coding evaluation in regads to modern standards. Content evaluation (duplicate content, interlinking, indexing). Stats analysis (inbound, outbound visitors, referrals, demographic parameters). Suggestions to fixing wrong practices.

References on search engines and optimization tips
Industry News
  • Do you think you can rank your webpage without using any quality content on and off page?
  • Google possibly ranks users in 'activity streams' and gives each a 'ranking-score'.
  • Instead of creating your content for potential customers, create it for influencers who are already reaching them.
  • Having a slow or fast mobile site should not impact your mobile-rankings, assuming your desktop site is fast. Google still uses many desktop signals for mobile ranking, even after April 21st
  • Beware of malware/black hat seo tactics hiding within legitimate code in widgets you embed on your blog
  • SEO and Content Marketing are binded together. You can't just run one without thinking about the other and expect great results.
  • Local citations are important if you want your business to rank in geo-targetted or local search results.
  • Twitter is considered a more dynamic and flexible platform for brand promotion. Businesses and brands haven’t even scraped the surface of Twitter’s true potential.
  • Google Webmaster Tools will count multiple pages from the same domain appearing in Google’s search results as a single impression.
  • Top content will help greatly your marketing efforts. Make sure it's original and grammatically correct.
  • Google is testing red-labels and green-stars. Red tags are shown with the tag 'Slow' for testing purposes beside the URL in search results. Green stars have appeared also as an alternative to yellow star reviews.
  • Google Webmaster Tools is notifying users to update WordPress plugins
  • Some facts about Facebook: Facebook likes are not correlated with more business or more engagement. Users who like your page may never engage with the content. Facebook likes don’t mean that you’ll get better quality business. The cost of acquiring a fan and promoting content just isn’t worth it. Don’t use Facebook as your primary audience. Facebook is valuable, but may have reached a saturation point.
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